04 Dec 2019

Had a great experience

Had a great experience as a tenant with these guys. We are two young professionals who don’t generally have time for paperwork or having to follow up on issues, and we certainly don’t have the time to argue about whether we have left a property in the same condition as when we arrived. These guys were very thorough on the ingoing and took lots of photos so there were no arguments at the end, we also weren’t expected to go and sterilize the place at the end like some other agencies try.

The maintenance, rent, bills, inspection info are all sent electronically and available to sign and use online- very handy. Maintenance requests done quickly.

Our inspections were conducted with adequate notice and they were reasonable (not searching for a speck of dust somewhere). The final was done after we were out. They did not try to start showing new tenants through a month before we move out, they waited for us to be out!

They were pretty friendly on top of that. Go figure. :)

Rebecca N