Reporting Maintenance at your Rental Property

During your time at your rental property, you may encounter some maintenance or repairs that require attention and approval for the landlord to action accordingly.

All maintenance must be reported in writing to ensure you have full-filled your obligation under the tenancy agreement to report any items you identify as an issue.  Reporting your maintenance as soon as it comes to your attention is vital, so that the owner is able to action and make good any repairs as soon as possible, and avoid any matters from escalating.

Renting Adelaide tenants have the benefit of being able to report their maintenance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via your Tenant portal OR through our dedicated reporting page found at the link below.

Once your maintenance is received, we will forward on the details (including any photos you have taken) to the owner for their instructions and authority to action appropriately.

On the rare occasion you encounter a situation outside of normal business hours, and you have assessed it as urgent scenario that cannot wait to be resolved during normal business hours, you will need to ensure you have take appropriate steps to isolate the issue and determine the need to report this as an after hours emergency request.


AFTER HOURS Emergency Maintenance

What counts as an EMERGENCY request ?

Any maintenance or incident that is an EMERGENCY can be assessed as one that.....

"directly endangers a person or the rental property itself, and not addressing the matter promptly will result in damage to the property or could cause injury to a person."

 BURST WATER PIPE - Turn water off at mains to avoid further damage or water waste.   

 ELECTRICAL POWER FAILURE - Check fuse box to confirm and/or isolate the power to the property, and ensure it is not supply related and an outage in your street.  CURRENT OUTAGES

GAS LEAK - Isolate the mains gas supply to the house and report the issue.

BLOCKED OR BROKEN TOILET SYSTEM - (where only 1 toilet is available at the property)

SERIOUS STORM OR WEATHER DAMAGE - Contact the appropriate emergency service or State Emergency Service (SES)

OR Any fault or damage that makes the rented premises unsafe or unsecure.

It is important to note that items such as DRIPPING TAPS or NO HOT WATER SUPPLY are important matters and can be inconvenient, but to do not qualify as URGENT or EMERGENCY related items and can be dealt with as soon as practicable.

EMERGENCY requests can be be reported via the normal process and marked as “URGENT” however you may need to contact our afterhours provider to have an item actioned outside of normal business hours.

Initiating a request or tradesperson to attend to the property without the landlords authority or where a genuine emergency situation exists, could result in the call-out charges being passed onto you as a result, so please consider all of the above before arranging any after hours emergency work.